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South Africa VAT Rate Changes

What is happening? On 1 April 2018 South Africa’s VAT rate will change from 14% to 15%. This will affect all VAT registered businesses based in South Africa. What is the impact on ESP settings? There are two things that need to happen: Change your global VAT rate in your system set up Update your […]

Seven ways to fill your schedule

By Chris Parker If your appointment schedule is full for the next three years and you have no plans to expand to more branches or more stations in your salon and you are happy with your current turnover then the following information will not be that useful to you. However, if you still have space […]

Communicating to your clients

By Rina McKellar for SA Hairdressers Journal We’re bombarded by marketing and advertising messages every day. 10 years ago, The Guardian in the UK estimated that Londoners were exposed to over 3500 ads in just one day. I remember when I lived there – my 30 min commute into the city was littered with glamorous […]

The difference between Strategy, Tactics and Magic Bullets

By Rina Mc Kellar for SA Hairdressers Journal The mighty Holy Grail – for centuries people have searched and yearned and even killed for it. Legend claims it to be the chalice used at the last supper, but we all know this is far more than just a mere golden goblet. Its contents are believed […]


By Rina Mc Kellar for SA Hairdressers Journal It is a really simple question…. and the answer should be just as simple. It should roll off the tongue. It should be second nature. It should be easy. But it’s often one that causes most of us to stop dead in our tracks. It’s a question […]

Guidelines for effective email campaigns

Email was first introduced in the 70’s and by the 90’s it revolutionized the way we communicated with one another, it opened doors that postal mail could never have accomplished in reaching the masses instantly.  Then the SMS appeared, this enabled us to send shorter messages to each other via mobile phones, this made email […]

Prompt at point of payment – setup

In order to use the prompt at point of payment feature the following needs to be set up in your Control Panel under the Sales section Click here for details on how to use this feature at point of payment.

Prompts at point of payment

The Point of Payment prompt can be used to remind front desk staff to ask clients if they would like to contribute to the charity or cause of your choice. The payment fields will be locked until you have clicked the Pay Now button and followed the prompts. Once you click the Pay Now button […]

Email Vs SMS 

Email Vs SMS What a co-incidence – I’m sitting at my coffee shop of choice just about to start writing this article on the difference between SMS and Email and I receive an SMS notifying me that ABSA Insurance phone lines are down due to the storm in Gauteng yesterday.

Building your team

Chris Parker – SAHJ A year ago I bought my 3 year old son a spacerail online, which is a toy roller coaster with little silver balls that are lifted up by an electric mechanism and dropped in at the top of the roller coaster and then begin weaving their way down the maze of […]