Day Spa

  • From the moment a client is booked in for an appointment, ESP Software begins building a client profile. As a result you are able to not only provide them with the best service possible but also retain them for the long term. Detailed Client Histories, Notes and Photos ensure that you Know Your Clients even before they return.

  • Promotional Packages, Courses, Gift Vouchers, Loyalty Structures and Memberships all enable you guaranteed repeat business. Email and SMS technology make it possible to communicate effectively with clients for Appointment Reminders, Follow Ups and ongoing Marketing using powerful filtering criteria. Detailed reporting will break down your revenue by Staff, Client Gender, Client Age, Department, Category and Item.

  • Revenue forecasting based on bookings as well as staff and room occupancy rates will advise you what you can expect in the coming weeks and months so that you can take the necessary actions before it’s too late. Monthly and daily targets and detailed Business Intelligence reporting for staff appraisals ensure that therapists remain motivated and loyal.