Holistic Therapy

  • ESP was written from the start to act as a mechanism to support the business owner and NOT formulated from the traditional “Accounting” philosophy that most systems use as their foundation. The ESP Foundation is based on the energetic principles of business which chiefly hinges on the flow of information. The financial transaction is the end result and accounted for as a matter of course.

  • Knowing your clients and communicating with them effectively are vital to your business and ESP provides effective and simple ways of doing this. You can keep as much (or as little) information as you like on your clients and every time a client visits, their profile will be updated.

  • You can send out personalised SMS messages to individuals or groups and using ESP’s powerful client filtering capabilities you can be very specific about who you communicate with. Scheduling Appointments, Client Records, Billing, Email/SMS communication, Best Business Practices all culminate in Business Intelligence information that allows you to compare your “feel” of the business to the information reflected.