Hotel Spa

  • As the guest experience is vital in the hospitality industry, a high standard of services is expected by hotel guests. ESP’s seamless room charge interfacing to Hotel Property Management Systems ensures that the guests receive only the best service from your spa. Upon checkout from the hotel all of the guests spa invoices reflect on their hotel bill.

  • Promotional Packages, Courses, Gift Vouchers, Loyalty Structures and Memberships all enable you guaranteed repeat business so that your revenue is not dependant on hotel occupancy rates. Email and SMS technology also make it possible to communicate effectively with clients for Appointment Reminders, Follow Ups and ongoing Marketing using powerful filtering criteria.

  • Booking of Staff, Rooms and Equipment enable you to easily manage all of the resources in the spa. Hotel guests can make their own bookings using the online booking engine. Revenue can be categorised according to local or hotel guests to determine performance between the various client types. Revenue can also be split by department in order to separate out revenue centres like the Spa and the Gym.