Financial Assistant

  • FINANCIAL ASSISTANT complements your accounting process by reducing the workload thus vastly reducing associated costs yet improving relations to ensure that their professional knowledge is utilized. Import and export account information to Excel and other accounting packages ensuring seamless integration with other financial systems.

  • Key Features:
    – Easy to use Income & Expenditure Tracking
    – Manage Stock and General supplier accounts
    – Incorporates Salon & Spa Manager transactions
    – Incorporates Wage Assistant Salary transactions
  • Key Features:
    – Profit & Loss Summary Reports
    – Income and Expense Reports
    – VAT Return Calculations
    – Pre-defined (editable) chart of accounts
    – User-defined access protection
  • Key Features:
    – Staff Loan Account Updates
    – Staff Salary Slips
    – Annual TAX assessments
    – User defined access protection
    – TAX tables & associated employment deductions