Marketing Assistant

  • MARKETING ASSISTANT uses intelligent filtering based on your clients demographic and service history to create smart cost-effective marketing campaigns. No need to retype or maintain separate email or SMS lists as the information is automatically updated via Salon & Spa Manager or Scheduler Assistant.

  • For example, create a promotion for all female clients who have accumulated 100 loyalty points and bought a particular product or purchased a service by a staff member and send it out in 10 minutes!

  • Key Features:
    – Build detailed client filtering rules
    – Individual or Bulk SMS & Email formats
    – Personalise each clients message
    – Send Birthday reminders with loyalty bonuses
    – Send Accounts owing and loyalty reminders
  • Key Features:
    – Send Appointment reminders
    – Stimulate repeat business
    – Target clients who have not returned
    – Improve client perception of services with automated quality follow-up assessments