Schedule Assistant

  • SCHEDULE ASSISTANT is easy to use and intelligently builds business scheduling rules that ensure the client receives the best service from the appropriate staff member and reminds your staff of their personal preferences when they arrive for their appointment. Excellent service starts with excellent scheduling by maintaining the highest standards regardless of who handles a clients appointment. If a staff member is absent, you can within minutes reallocate or inform clients via SMS to avoid loss of clients or resulting poor service.

  • Key Features:
    – Personalised client scheduling rules and preferences
    – Staff, Resource (room) & Equipment Bookings
    – Service, Session & Package Bookings
    – Group bookings and Corporate accounts
    – Maintain complex Staff Rosters easily
    – Staff, Service & Product scheduling rules
    – Visual coding of client Status & Categories
  • Key Features:
    – Speeds up Salon & Spa Manager Point Of Sale
    – Auto detects and alerts for late clients and SMS options
    – Warnings to prevent duplicate bookings
    – Automated contra-indication notifications
    – Report on scheduling efficiency & usage levels