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Time & Attendance Set Up

Follow these instructions to set up staff members using your fingerprint scanner in the Time & Attendance module.

Prompts at point of payment

The Point of Payment prompt can be used to remind front desk staff to ask clients if they would like to contribute to the charity or cause of your choice. The payment fields will be locked until you have clicked the Pay Now button and followed the prompts. Once you click the Pay Now button […]

Receive stock using the barcode

If you are receiving stock from a supplier but did not originally create an order in ESP using the stock order feature then you are able to scan the barcode on the item in order to locate the item more quickly and accurately. Note that you can also type the barcode and press enter if […]

Group Check Outs

To check out a group of clients booked using the Group Booking feature follow these steps. Select the Group button on the Scheduler main menu. A list of all groups will appear that have not yet been checked out. Highlight the group that you wish to check out and select the Checkout button When you […]

Group Bookings

To insert a group booking complete the following steps: Create a new booking. You will see a Group Booking label. Click the New button to create a new group. You need to choose a client from your existing client database to put the group name under, select this client from the client list. You can also […]

Client Emergency Contact Details

To add an emergency contact into a client record card open the client record card and go to the General Tab. You can then insert the required contact name and number. Note that this information can also be captured and viewed when using the ESP InHouse tablet app.

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Zero VAT on sales receipts for the sale of Gift Vouchers

In version sales receipts reflect Zero VAT when selling a Gift Voucher. Note that when a gift voucher is redeemed then VAT will show on the sales receipt.

Zero VAT on sales receipts when the Loyalty Points are used as a method of Payment

In version sales receipts reflect Zero VAT when using loyalty points as a method of payment.

Zero VAT on sales receipts when the Complimentary is used as a method of Payment

In version sales receipts reflect Zero VAT when using Complimentary as a method of payment.

Restriction on the redemption of loyalty points

When you redeem loyalty points you will need to first look up the clients loyalty balance and then insert the value of points that they wish to redeem. This value will then be inserted into the Miles (points) payment field, which should be restricted. If the redeeming branch is offline then the sale will need […]

System generated loyalty numbers

If you are not using loyalty cards with pre-printed loyalty numbers then you can use a system assigned card code. This feature uses what is known as the client GUID, which is a unique number assigned to each client profile that is added to the system.

View if a guest is a loyalty member

If you need to check if a client is a loyalty member from their booking you can right click on the booking and if the client is a loyalty member you will see both their loyalty number and their loyalty level.    

Assigning Staff Categories

If you do not have access to the setup section in the Business Manager program and you need to edit/assign categories to staff members then you can do this in Scheduler setup if you have access to this section.