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Prompts at point of payment

The Point of Payment prompt can be used to remind front desk staff to ask clients if they would like to contribute to the charity or cause of your choice. The payment fields will be locked until you have clicked the Pay Now button and followed the prompts. Once you click the Pay Now button […]

Email Vs SMS 

Email Vs SMS What a co-incidence – I’m sitting at my coffee shop of choice just about to start writing this article on the difference between SMS and Email and I receive an SMS notifying me that ABSA Insurance phone lines are down due to the storm in Gauteng yesterday.

Building your team

Chris Parker – SAHJ A year ago I bought my 3 year old son a spacerail online, which is a toy roller coaster with little silver balls that are lifted up by an electric mechanism and dropped in at the top of the roller coaster and then begin weaving their way down the maze of […]

Price It Right 3

Chris Parker – SAHJ In this third article on pricing we wrap things up. In the previous two articles we asked the question of how it is sustainable for some salons to have such cheap pricing, especially for services that have high costs associated with them. This question raised the bigger question on how to […]

Price It Right 2

Chris Parker – SAHJ I recall the time shortly before asking my wife to marry me, I started shopping around for a wedding ring. I knew nothing about diamonds, I thought 1 carat was small – after all its only 1, how much smaller can you get? Believing that 1 carat was the lowest number […]

Price it right

Chris Parker – SAHJ A Hair Journal reader recently wrote into the magazine about salons in his area and the extremely low prices they are offering and how is this sustainable to a salon and where are corners being cut? He also mentioned he knows of a few salons who’ve recently closed their doors. It’s […]

Mobile Transacting

About a year ago I wrote an article called “To App or not to App?” As the title suggests it was a look at whether salons should have their own mobile app. In asking this question we discovered that apps can and should be used by salons but this did not necessarily mean that you […]

Are you engaged?

In this month’s article I would like to ask the question “Are you engaged with your clients?” I think that many salon owners will feel a lot of pressure to be sending out regular emails to clients telling them of news, specials and other information that they hope will lead the clients to return and […]

Ye of little faith

I have a three boys now. Our four year old is in the stage of learning to tie his shoes. Imagine if my attitude towards him was “oh, my son is just never going to be capable of doing this”. Or when it comes to dinner time I simply let my two year old continue […]

Tag ’em and bag ’em

Tag ’em and bag ’em Imagine you are a marine biologist and you specialize in studying the behavior of great white sharks so that you can learn about them and ensure they are protected from extinction. One part of your job might include tagging great whites so that you could monitor their movement patterns. Imagine […]