A dedicated team of full time support staff are available to help you with any support queries that you may have relating to your ESP Software. Support is provided either telephonically or via Remote Login which greatly reduces turnaround time and costs as no travel is required. All calls are logged into specially designed support software, which means that there is a record of all queries logged with ESP so that any support consultant can quickly assist you. You will receive a copy of the transcript of all your support queries so that you have peace of mind that your query has not been forgotten about as well as having the solution at hand in case you have the same query again at a later stage. If your query cannot be resolved immediately ESP will endeavour to have a solution to you by 5pm the same day if your query was logged before 12pm or otherwise by 12pm the following day if logged after 12pm.
This is the preferred method of training as it means that training takes place either at ESP offices or at an accredited training partner’s facilities. This will ensure that there are no distractions like phones ringing and clients coming in and out of your salon or spa. Each staff member will also be able to work on their own computer and you will be guided through a structured training program covering all of the main features of your software. This will ensure that the staff members retain much more information and the training will therefore have far more value.
ESP Help Files include comprehensive instructions on how to use each feature in the ESP Software. The Help File is easy to navigate and includes things to consider before you start using a particular function, explanations of how the software works as well as step-by-step guides with screen grabs to know exactly what to do.

Support Desk:

Monday to Friday

9am – 4pm

Emergency Support Hours:

Monday to Friday
4pm – 8pm

Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays
8am – 5pm

Support Request Form:

Please fill in the details required below. An SMS will be sent to our support team who will login to assist you further. This service is available from Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm and on weekends between 8am and 5pm.
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