"Amani’s collection of luxurious spas can be found in city and country hotels, exclusive lodges, and other sought after locations around the country.
Amani’s focus is on health from a 360º approach including body, mind and spirit, and is based on the desire to go the extra mile through highly personalised service, as well as benchmarking products and practices against leading global brands."
MANDY TROLLIP, Operations Director Amani Spas

Why did you choose ESP software?
“We needed an easy to use, all-in-one, time-efficient management system which could cater to our diverse operational requirements.”
How has the software helped you to improve your salons/spas operations?
“The immediate accessibility from head office to daily/weekly/monthly reports across the group at any given time is invaluable. It has a significant impact on every aspect of the business, not only for each individual spa’s success, but ultimately the entire groups success. Information is power.”