"Our salon is different in that it offers a home away from home where clients, both male and female, feel comfortable to pop in regularly for quick pampering sessions. The decor is vintage chic, in line with current trends and offers a variation on 'standard' salon design.
As the largest and most popular salon and spa software provider, ESP is the market leader. ESP provides us with easy day to day and monthly business functions that take the hassle out of running a beauty business."
LINDSAY LUPPNOW, Owner Milk and Honey Beauty Salon

How has ESP helped you to improve revenue and boost your business?
“The Marketing Assistant has been incredible (especially in the first few months of business). We can easily send out promotions and incentives in order to get more feet in the door and keep those feet coming back. As I don't come from a beauty therapy background I do not believe my salon business would have been able to get off the ground and be as successful as it has been to date without ESP and my amazing team. ESP is a must have for every salon”