"Pasquale Hairstylists/Academy have built a successful salon by creating a salon culture of creativity, education and sharing. This encourages all our staff to reach their highest level of skill which automatically increases their earning ability and salon profitability."
Maria Gough, Founding Member Pasquale Hairstylists

How has the software helped you to improve your salons/spas operations?
“By using the information received from ESP Business Intelligence management and stylists monitor the number of client services, client retention and the service and retail average docket growth. The big achievers' figures are sometimes discussed at our weekly meetings which educates the other stylists on why this person has grown more than they have. Sometimes a very experienced stylist will be shocked to see that the average docket of a Junior Qualified is higher than theirs and this can stop complacency and encourage the more experienced stylist to improve dramatically. This creates a win/win situation for everyone.”
How has the software helped you to improve revenue/boost your business?
“ESP Business Intelligence quickly gives Pasquale Management the hard, cold facts with which to breakdown where the problem areas are in our business so that these can be addressed immediately. We will always use the ESP Business Intelligence as it contributes greatly to Pasquale’s continued success.”