"We see HAIR LEGENDS as a leader amongst our peers in the industry. At HAIR LEGENDS we have established a strong, professional image, with skilled and qualified staff.
We are determined to meet all challenges with a team that respects a crisp and clear ethical code of conduct. Our mission is to fulfill our client's social and well-being needs and still be compatible with individual preferences and lifestyles."

Why did you choose ESP software?
“We have learnt years ago the wisdom in the saying: "You treasure what you measure!" ESP makes it so easy to measure and compare figures and to see where growth is needed. We treasure our business in this very competitive world and with ESP we can measure where we lose out and take corrective steps in time.”
How has the software helped you to improve your salons/spas operations?
“It's quick and easy to schedule and reschedule clients and all needed information is available at the click of a button!”