"Plaits Hair and Beauty is a one-stop hair, beauty and nail salon where clients can relax while getting pampered from top to toe in a very professional, yet personalised environment .
Suburban clientele are different to those in the city, which is why we offer a more personlised experience. The Durbanville community is a close-knit one and with generations of families going through our salon, our clients truly become part of the Plaits family."
CLAIRE DAVIS, Owner Plaits Hair and Beauty

How has ESP software helped you to improve your salon's operations?
“As a salon owner, having such specialised software has enabled me to get a true reflection of my stylists' strengths and weaknesses. By knowing exactly what they enjoy doing more, coupled with what their areas of expertise are, I can confidently make the right recommendations to clients, knowing that they are in the best hands possible. But besides helping to focus on their strengths, the software is also a great tool for me to educate the stylists on what services need more attention, and identifying ways in which I can help them become the best all-rounder stylitsts possible.”