"Sorbet had to create a culture that inherently placed people before profits and service ahead of self-interest.
A culture in which people were fulfilled both personally and professionally, where they found a deeper meaning in their work; and where they saw themselves as not merely doing a job but making a difference in the lives of others. A culture that exhibited a passionate dedication to service, by always placing the interests of others before your own, was rooted in human values, marked by relationships of high trust and displayed unwavering integrity at all times. It had to be clear and simple. I had seen too many corporate mission statements that went on endlessly and yet said very little. Our Higher Purpose was: To serve, and to improve the lives of our guests and our citizens.”

Why did you choose ESP software?
“The ESP System added great value to the Sorbet business. Our reporting became much more sophisticated and our loyalty program afforded our guests a quick and easy way to access their points on the internet. When someone reached their loyalty threshold, they would get an automatic SMS to inform them they had qualified for a free treatment. Birthday SMS’s also went out automatically, offering a discount off a treatment of their choice. All in all the system helped improve the Total Guest Experience, which enhanced our reputation as a consumer-centric business.”