Important Notice for ESP Wage Assistant Users

Remember to set your Wage Annualisation start date to 01/03/2014!

If you use the annualisation feature in Wage Assistant then remember to change your annualisation start date to 01/03/2014 for the new financial year. This should be done before starting the MARCH 2014 payroll run but only after completing your FEBRUARY 2014 payroll.

How to change your Annualisation Start Date:

  • ·         In Wage Assistant select Set Up
  • ·         Then set Annualization Start to 1/03/2014
  • ·         Ensure that the Enable Annualization box is ticked in order to make use of this feature


What is tax annualisation? Click Here or contact ESP for further details.

2015 Tax Tables have been released

The 2015 tax tables have been added to ESP Version 5. We will notify you when this version is available for release. If you have not upgraded by the end of March and generate March’s wages using the 2014 tax tables, you can use the Annualisation feature and this will correct the year to date tax in the next month that you do salaries.

If you have any questions or need some help then get in touch and we will gladly assist you.