Online Bookings

Booking Widget

You are now able to place a booking widget directly onto your own web site that integrates with the ESP Scheduler. This means that clients can go to your website to make their own bookings. These bookings will appear in your ESP scheduler immediately.

During the booking process the widget will take into account which staff members are allowed to do various treatments so that you don’t have staff being booked for treatments that they are not actually allowed to do.

Also, the staff members roster and available time slots will be checked before presenting your client with a list of available times they can choose to book from.

Book from GoBeauty

GoBeauty is an amazing way for you to present your salon or spa to a market place that may not be aware of you through web searches and pro-active exposure of your specials and other promotions via their targeted mailing list.

They allow you to showcase your products and services as well as how your clients review and rate your salon or spa.

Not only do they facilitate queries from clients on your behalf but they allow clients to enquire about bookings but they also enable bookings directly to your ESP Scheduler.


New Security Features

Change & Delete Logging

ESP has added new security logging to the sales process. Whenever an item is changed or deleted it is logged to a new database so that you can report on it when you need to audit any transactions. All database changes to ESP records have always been logged but this new feature makes it easier for users to report on without the assistance of an ESP support consultant.

Logging can be “silent”, which means that the users are not asked to enter a name or password when changing or deleting items in a sale. The benefit of this is that is faster than having to identify yourself as a user each time you change or delete an item. However, the downside is that you won’t know who made the changes.

Therefore, the option also exists to ask users to select their name and their password when making changes or deletes so that when you do your transaction audits you will know exactly who made the changes and deletes as well as exactly when they took place.

Preventing Cash Up with Unpaid Sales

A new control now exists to prevent users from attempting to complete a cash up if there are any unpaid sales.

Unpaid sales can occur when a sale is prepped in advance while a client is busy with their treatment and can be helpful to speed up the checkout process. However, in some instances users may be unaware that sales have been prepped and they may start a new sale.

This new security features forces front desk staff to ensure that all sales have been closed first before it will allow them to complete their cash up.

Locking a sale when open on another terminal

If you have more than one computer using ESP within your branch over a network then you front desk staff may find themselves alternating between computers to take bookings and process sales. Sometimes staff inadvertently open the same sale on both terminals which can cause errors if they edit the sale on both terminals while open at the same time.

This new feature will give you a message now saying that you cannot open this sale because it is currently being edited on another terminal and will help eliminate any unwanted errors.


Prompts at point of payment

The Point of Payment prompt can be used to remind front desk staff to ask clients if they would like to contribute to the charity or cause of your choice.

The payment fields will be locked until you have clicked the Pay Now button and followed the prompts.


Once you click the Pay Now button then your prompt will appear.

paynow popup

If you click Yes then another prompt will appear asking if you wish to insert the pre-determined item into their invoice so that it adds it to their bill.

paynow insert item

The item will appear in the sales window.

paynow item inserted

You can now proceed to complete their payment. You will notice that the total charge has been adjusted with the value of their contribution.

paynow finalise payment

Click here for details on how to set up this feature before use.

Mobile Transacting

About a year ago I wrote an article called “To App or not to App?” As the title suggests it was a look at whether salons should have their own mobile app. In asking this question we discovered that apps can and should be used by salons but this did not necessarily mean that you needed to run out and pay someone to build you your own app. Rather we recognised that there are many different types of apps that solve different types of problems for your business, from utilities to third party to industry specific, white label and custom developed. Thus the conclusion was nothing revolutionary in that when making your decision about using mobile apps you had to answer a very simple question about what problem you wish to solve and how would an app solve the problem for you.

A year down the line I would like to revisit this question and expand upon the topic as we see a rise in the area of third party apps that specifically focus on mobile transactions, ie payment via mobile phone.

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ESP and GoBeauty bring you mobile appointment bookings!

ESP and GoBeauty are very excited to announce that mobile client appointment bookings made through the GoBeauty App will integrate directly to your ESP Schedule Assistant.


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New Cash Up Summary Report – Ver 5.0.8

The Web Servers new Source of Payments report has just about all your summarised trading date for the period in one page.

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New Staff Daily Targets Feature – Ver 5.0.8

ESP has released a new staff targets feature that lets you monitor on a daily basis whether staff members are ahead or behind at any point in time during the month.

The targets can be viewed in graph format in ESP Online, which makes it very easy to monitor performance and can be accessed remotely via computer or tablet. Being able to monitor performance daily means that you are able to take immediate action to get back on track.

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New Security Auditing Capabilities – Ver 5.0.7

  • When a staff member says “I didn’t do THAT!”, how can we know it is true?
  • When they say “Some records are missing”, the question is: Were they loaded and erased, or they never existed?
  • Was a sale changed from Cash to Voucher?
  • Was a sale deleted?
  • How can you recover deleted sales records?

ESP’s new security auditing allows the recording of ALL the operations for Sales, Bookings and Cash Ups therefore easily answering all these questions and many more! You can recover lost or deleted information, analyze operation sequences to optimize the system work, find operational errors and educate the user to improve the use of the system, and even detect data sabotage attempts.

The below example shows a sale which has had a change made to it (CH).

When you highlight the above sale you can see (below) the red fields showing that the sale was originally paid by Cash but then changed to Cheque.




Software Release Notes – 5.0.4 – Beta

The majority of the bugs resolved below are new bugs introduced with the new software releases and resolved as below.

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Software Release Notes – 5.0.3 – Beta


Issue Type

Version Reported




Version Fixed


932 B 4.1.8 Manager Business Details 5.0.3 The Practice field now shows on the general/medical invoice when used in the Business Details section.