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Crossing Over

There are two types of people in the world, those that buy hair care products from salons and those that don’t. It’s interesting for me to speak to some people who by middle class standards are considered to be relatively wealthy and hear that they don’t buy professional hair care products. The idea of spending […]

Wisdom for salon owners

As we approach the end of 2014 I thought I would take some time to do some looking back, at the year and at things in general. One thing is very clear, many things have changed and are still changing. And Im only talking about my own lifetime, let alone our entire history. But another […]

When the lights go out …

What do you do when you have a power failure in the salon? The answer is simple really … follow all the steps in your policy and procedure manual on what to do in case of a power failure. Oh, you don’t have any procedures for a power failure? Well, in that case consider a […]

To app or not to app?

I recently counted over 130 apps installed on my iPhone. 130 different programs that I have installed in the past year, since I last upgraded my contract. I have them grouped according to what they do, for example, there is a folder for apps that relate to reading like Kindle, and other apps for magazines […]

What’s so gross about profit?

Last year I did a couple of articles on Cost of Sales. The series was a little dry and theoretical and I wanted to follow it up with some practical points about how to monitor and manage your cost of sales so that you achieve as much gross profit as possible and this is something […]

Be Grateful

Be grateful for your job How many jobs have you had in your life? Lets re-phrase that question, how often do you change jobs? Are you a serial job hunter or are you a faithful hound, still working in the same job you have been for the past 25 years? I was listening to Cape […]

New Staff Daily Targets Feature – Ver 5.0.8

ESP has released a new staff targets feature that lets you monitor on a daily basis whether staff members are ahead or behind at any point in time during the month. The targets can be viewed in graph format in ESP Online, which makes it very easy to monitor performance and can be accessed remotely […]

New Security Auditing Capabilities – Ver 5.0.7

When a staff member says “I didn’t do THAT!”, how can we know it is true? When they say “Some records are missing”, the question is: Were they loaded and erased, or they never existed? Was a sale changed from Cash to Voucher? Was a sale deleted? How can you recover deleted sales records? ESP’s […]