New Security Auditing Capabilities – Ver 5.0.7

  • When a staff member says “I didn’t do THAT!”, how can we know it is true?
  • When they say “Some records are missing”, the question is: Were they loaded and erased, or they never existed?
  • Was a sale changed from Cash to Voucher?
  • Was a sale deleted?
  • How can you recover deleted sales records?

ESP’s new security auditing allows the recording of ALL the operations for Sales, Bookings and Cash Ups therefore easily answering all these questions and many more! You can recover lost or deleted information, analyze operation sequences to optimize the system work, find operational errors and educate the user to improve the use of the system, and even detect data sabotage attempts.

The below example shows a sale which has had a change made to it (CH).

When you highlight the above sale you can see (below) the red fields showing that the sale was originally paid by Cash but then changed to Cheque.