New Staff Daily Targets Feature – Ver 5.0.8

ESP has released a new staff targets feature that lets you monitor on a daily basis whether staff members are ahead or behind at any point in time during the month.

The targets can be viewed in graph format in ESP Online, which makes it very easy to monitor performance and can be accessed remotely via computer or tablet. Being able to monitor performance daily means that you are able to take immediate action to get back on track.

All you need to do is insert the total Retail Target and the Total Service target for each staff member for the month and your ESP software will plot their cumulative targets over the month.


Their actual turnover will be plotted on the graphs so that you can compare actual vs target. You can interact with the graphs by turning the various data elements on and off. For example, if you only wish to view the retail target and the retail turnover then you can hide all the other data on the graph.


A breakdown of each staff members Service and Retail turnover per day can be viewed to isolate and highlight good and bad days.


daily turnover


Please contact ESP to find out more about this and other new features.