New Cash Up Summary Report – Ver 5.0.8

The Web Servers new Source of Payments report has just about all your summarised trading date for the period in one page.

The report is made up of the following:

The reasons for money being received

The report will breakdown why money was received into Services Sold, Sessions Redeemed, Retail Sold, Vouchers Sold, Courses Sold, Memberships Sold, Debtors Settling Accounts and Gratuity Received.

Bankable Payment Types

Then you will see the payments received that are bankable, ie Cash, Credit Cheque and the total of the bankable amounts.

Remaining Payments Types Received

EFT’s, Vouchers Redeemed, Comps, Miles Redeemed, Purchases on Account

Petty Cash

A summary of the petty cash totals will appear per day

Cash Up Balance Summary

You will see the money count that was expected, what was declared and what the variance was. If there is a variance then it is highlighted in red.

Loyalty Points Earned

As a bonus you can also see the value of the loyalty points earned per day.