Mobile Transactions

With ESP’s Mobile Payment method you can now accept payment from various third party service providers through QR codes on their mobile phones.

This means that you can offer your clients mobile loyalty schemes, mobile gift voucher redemptions, mobile discount coupon campaigns and mobile credit card payments from providers like Snapscan.

It also means that you can do deals with approved corporates to let their clients and staff redeem vouchers in your salon or spa. This is especially useful if these corporates offer their own loyalty schemes and let their clients cash in on those loyalty schemes at your salon or spa.

All of these options help drive new business to your salon or spa so you can fill your scheduler and increase spend per visit.

Contact us to find out more about making use of the ESP Mobile Payment option.

Prompt at point of payment – setup

In order to use the prompt at point of payment feature the following needs to be set up in your Control Panel under the Sales section

paynow preloading set up

Click here for details on how to use this feature at point of payment.

Software Release Notes – Ver 4.1.9

Release Date: September 2013

Version 4.1.9 was actually never officially released, although some of our clients were upgraded to this version. All changes below were carried forward into our version 5.x.x releases.

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Catch me if you can

Is this you: “I trust my staff, but how can I be sure that they are not stealing from me?”

In my seventeen years at ESP there has been one thing that has always been present in the businesses of our clients, and that is employee theft. In this month’s article I would like to look at this issue, what causes it and what possible steps can be taken in order to avoid it.

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The One Thing!

For a long time in my own home I had the feeling that no matter how hard my wife and I worked we could just not keep our house clean. Even on days when the housekeeper had worked the house somehow still felt messy – and it drove me crazy!

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