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Catch me if you can

Is this you: “I trust my staff, but how can I be sure that they are not stealing from me?” In my seventeen years at ESP there has been one thing that has always been present in the businesses of our clients, and that is employee theft. In this month’s article I would like to […]

The One Thing!

For a long time in my own home I had the feeling that no matter how hard my wife and I worked we could just not keep our house clean. Even on days when the housekeeper had worked the house somehow still felt messy – and it drove me crazy!

Setting the standard

If you were offered an opportunity to franchise your salon tomorrow would you be ready for it? Over the years ESP has worked with more and more salons that either have multiple salons and want to consolidate information and processes or that plan to open more than one salon and require integration of data and […]

Business Processes & Standards

As a software company that is tasked with solving the problems faced by running a salon much of what we do involves identifying, mapping and streamlining the various business processes that occur in a salon. In order to write software to accommodate these processes there needs to be some level of standardization in place that […]

Computerisation Question and Answer

1.      Should I use Generic Retail, Accounting or Salon Specific Software? When talking to owners who are researching software for their salons we are often quite surprised to find that they will be also be considering software that is not specific to their industry, ie accounting software, general retail software and even software designed for […]

Communication is a two way street

I’m sitting at a restaurant in the new Cape Quarter, where I usually go to write my articles. While I am there my attention is grabbed by a customer who is visibly upset with the service that he has received and he is waving his hands around and raising his voice to a lady who […]

Disaster Recovery

We have all experienced the feeling of annoyance after typing a long SMS or Email and just before sending you inadvertently push a wrong button only to find that your entire message is lost forever and you have to start all over again. If you have ever had a cell phone stolen then you will […]

Re-Investing in your business

What do you do with your hard earned money? Do you invest it in the stock market, buy property, spend it on renovating your house, a new car, going overseas or do you just keep it under your mattress for a rainy day? In last month’s article I wrote about motivating business owners to grow […]

Motivating Salon Owners

When it comes to motivation in the salon it is generally the owner who is trying to motivation their staff. This will come in the form of motivating them to sell more retail, upsell on services, sell more of a particular type of service or retail, rebook their clients next appointment, follow up with clients […]

The X-factor

Have you ever been to a restaurant where the owner is physically present? I mean the kind where the owner walks around from table to table stopping to greet you and make sure that you are enjoying your meal. In all likelihood they will be a great character, full of charm and wit. They will […]