Software Release Notes – Ver 4.1.9

Release Date: September 2013

Version 4.1.9 was actually never officially released, although some of our clients were upgraded to this version. All changes below were carried forward into our version 5.x.x releases.



Issue Type

Version Reported




Version Fixed


543 Y B 4.1 Manager Multiple Areas Fast Screen Swapping 4.1.9 IP DRIVER: Error 37(File not open) on dssw2 when fast screen swapping in Manager – REMOVED
597 Y R 4.1.9 WebServer Reports Voucher Movement 4.1.9 Summary report by month of Opening Balance, Vouchers Sold, Vouchers Redeemed, Closing Balance. Also to show Unredeemed as a % of Total Sold.
599 Y S 4.1.8 Manager Sales Sales Receipt 4.1.9 Show loyalty number and points balance on sales receipt.
619 Y B 20070301 Manager Clients Service History 4.1.9 Resolved. Manager > Clients > Service History button does nothing
626 Y B 4.1.7 ClientInfoMonitor Client/Age Edit 4.1.9 BIND Error on editing Client Age/Gender Breakdown > CIM + Moved Filter to TakeRecord
637 Y B 4.1.7 Enterprise Update Loyalty Statu 4.1.9 All branch lists in Enterprise Assistant and Web Server to be alphabetical.
641 Y R 4.1.8 Manager Sales Fast Sales 4.1.9 Add Hotel Interface feature to Fast Sales screen so that it can be used for loyalty based transactions.
642 Y R 4.1.8 WebServer Stock Reports 4.1.9 Add stock count sheet to the web server. + Imported stock count sheet to web server + Create form with supplier, branch and item type controls to filter report
643 Y R 20110818 EventManager SMS 4.1.9 Cashup 13/03.Cash R99999.99, Credit R99999.99,Chq R99999.99,Voucher R99999.99, Comp R99999.99,Miles R99999.99,Acc R99999.99.Turnover R100000.00, Under R99999.99
645 Y B 4.1.8 Marketing SMS 4.1.9 The top of the email and sms window gets cut off on certain resolutions.
656 Y B 4.1.8 Wage 4.1.9 Insert Loans need to filter staff drop down list by site.
657 Y R 4.1.9 WebServer Clients 4.1.9 Burn & Churn Report for groups.
659 Y B 4.1.9 Manager Sales 4.1.9 Add loyalty number and available and threshold etc on receipt
660 Y R 4.1.8 scheduler Reports Reports 4.1.9 Add ability to hide cell numbers in scheduler reports. + Hide Cell numbers on Scheduler reports > Request by TLB + Add HideCellNumber checkbox to Setup > Control Panel > Program > Security + Add Code on TakeRecord: SETTARGET(Report, ?unnamed:3
661 Y B 4.1.8 Manager Sales 4.1.9 + Manager > sales > Detailed screen > error 35 on IP driver > Removed ISA:GUID, OSta:Name from browse > Moved filter to conditional filter > no more Error 35
662 Y B 4.1.8 Manager Tasks Sort Order 4.1.9 Sort Client history and Interbranch stock to newest first + Sort order changed on following buttons: > Client Returns > Pay/Adjust > Promomiles > Adjust Miles > Internal Use > Branch In/Out
663 Y B 4.1.8 Marketing Contacts 4.1.9 IP Drv > Error 35 on contacts screen >Cell & Email. + Remove Additional sort filter
664 Y R 4.1.8 EventManager Register Register 4.1.9 add register button to EventManager + Added Register button to Settings Window
665 Y B 4.1.9 Manager Sales/Clients 4.1.9 Add client schedule history to client records. Use same method as client sales history, parent/child. Added to client browse in MClient and Msales
666 Y B 4.1.9 WebServer Processes 4.1.9 Add General Processes (browse list). + Browse added with filters: > Process > Staff > Show complete only
669 Y R 4.1.8 WebServer Scheduler 4.1.9 + Import Online scheduler from Riebens + Fixed issue where all bookings not showing up > Data sent to JS at the end of the loop and not on each itteration + Fixed issue where length of bookings not displaying correctly > Times not calculated correctly
672 Y R 20110818 WebServer Clients 4.1.9 Client report and show: Client Name, First visit (verify), status, total spent (dynamic), classification, description, physical area, located, postal details, postal area, telephone 1, telephone 2, cell phone, email, owner 1, owner 2
673 Y B 4.1.9 Manager Sales 4.1.9 Re-arrange the layout of quotes to make more sense with regard to discounts.
674 Y R 4.1.9 WebServer Clients 4.1.9 Web Server: Clients: insert, change, show status radio buttons, filter browse by next contact date, show coms, insert coms, change coms)
675 Y R 4.1.9 Manager sales 4.1.9 Added the ability to password protect the change and / or delete buttons from within a sale.
680 Y R 4.1.8 WebServer Sales 4.1.9 Added new sales browse with drill down capabilities and auto refresh on date change.
681 Y R 4.1.8 WebServer Clients 4.1.9 Added the client Call date to the client list in the web server.
682 Y S 4.1.9 WebServer Staff 4.1.9 Added ability to change staff records > Only level 3 user can change
683 Y S 4.1.8 WebServer Staff 4.1.9 Added Browse of staff Accounts
684 Y B 4.1.9 WebServer Staff 4.1.9 Added staff purchases browse
685 Y S 4.1.8 WebServer Staff 4.1.9 Browse on staff wages > with the ability to generate wage slip + Only users with level 4 can access this option
686 Y S 4.1.8 WebServer Stock 4.1.9 Changed services browse to dynamic browse. Added ability to edit and insert services > Only level 3 user can access insert/edit functions
687 Y S 4.1.8 WebServer Stock 4.1.9 Added dynamic browse of Product list Added ability to Insert/Edit > Only level 3 users can access this function
688 Y S 4.1.8 WebServer Stock 4.1.9 Added supplier browse Ability to insert/change > only level 3 user can access this feature
689 Y S 4.1.8 WebServer Stock 4.1.9 Added an Associates browse Ability to insert/edit records > only level 3 user can access this feature
690 Y R 4.1.8 WebServer Admin 4.1.9 Added setup section under Admin to setup some of the List items of the system Client Classification Client Origins Item Classifications Item Categories Staff Categories Process List
691 Y R 4.1.8 EventManager Tasks 4.1.9 Added the ability for Automatic Appointment reminders to be sent out via SMS. Days and times for sending can be controlled by the user using the recurring engine.
693 Y B 4.1.8 WebServer Stock 4.1.9 Added Low stock browse
694 Y R 4.1.9 Wage Reports 4.1.9 New report to show all Allowances and Deductions when running Total Staff Wages or One Staff member over a period of months.
695 Y B 4.1.8 WebServer Clients 4.1.9 + Client retention report on web server has schedule reports’ submenu + PrgUpdates > staff code > filter staff members by active. Also rename to staff
698 Y R 4.1.9 WebServer Processess 4.1.9 Add quick insert button to Web Server
700 Y B 4.1.9 Import Clients 4.1.9 Client Imports, now all client card fields are available for the import tool from excel
701 Y R 4.1.9 WebServer Stock 4.1.9 Add group by staff to the internal use report. Also show comment field now.
702 Y R 4.1.9 WebServer clients 4.1.9 Added a feature to calculate spend in a date range for a client.
703 Y B 4.1.8 Wage Staff 4.1.9 Resolved when editing a staff members sliding scales by category that it was not showing the new categories for you to select.
704 Y R 4.1.9 Evolve all 4.1.9 Implement Full Record to ESP Source for tracking of changes to esp records. Now you can view before and after values of records that have been changed or deleted.
705 Y B 4.1.9 Enterprise Items 4.1.9 Resolved deactivated items not being deactivated when doing mass copy to branches from head office master files.
707 Y B 4.1.8 scheduler Create Sale 4.1.9 When creating a sale from Scheduler the Adjustment value now pulls through to the Adjusted Turnover report.
709 Y B 20110818 Manager Sales 4.1.9 Resolved when selling a voucher and a course on the same sale(in that order) the client’s GUID is blanked out
712 Y R 4.1.8 WebServer Staff 4.1.9 Added a new ESP Online (Web Server) report for wages to show staff salaries with all dynamically added allowances and deductions for a period.
713 Y S 4.1.9 Evolve ALL 4.1.9 Implement Secwin 6 security on C8 version New Features in Secwin 4/5 Access Control: Multiple user groups per user Permitted Control Groups per screen increased from 30 to 252 Password reset (limited – requires application specific encryption for the Sec
714 Y S 4.1.9 Evolve All 4.1.9 Auto log out feature added. Note this feature is removed in version 5 releases.
715 Y S 4.1.9 Accounting 4.1.9 Check for Microsoft Security Essentials as this product causes data corruptions when running the tps version.
716 Y B 4.1.8 Manager Reports 4.1.9 Resolved the Stock Audit report shows “No reference found” when the movement is a Sale