Software Release Notes – 5.0.4 – Beta

The majority of the bugs resolved below are new bugs introduced with the new software releases and resolved as below.


Issue Type

Version Reported




Version Fixed


1,097 B 5.0.3 LoyaltyServer 5.0.4 Resolved registration of client not working on loyalty server
1,095 B 5.0.0 Manager Tasks 5.0.4 Added a restriction on the ability to change a finalised GROUP IBT
1,091 B 5.0.0 Manager Shifts 5.0.4 Resolved Restrict Changing Shift not working.
1,086 B 5.0.0 Log Manager Processing Error 5.0.4 Resolved Add/put/delete error on alias opsite.
1,074 B 5.0.0 Toolbox Toolbox 5.0.4 Resolved Backups only adding a few tps files to the zip file. Now add s all tps and respective other files.
1,082 B 5.0.0 Manager Reports 5.0.4 Resolved GP in ItemGP in Manager not matching GP in ItemGP in Web Server.
1,064 B 5.0.0 Manager Sales 5.0.4 Resolved Group Sales Checkout only marking one sale as paid.
1,061 B 5.0.0 Manager Setup 5.0.4 Resolved runtime error in Setup > Staff > Tax Source Code setup
1,053 B 5.0.0 Manager Security 5.0.4 Resolved when changing from lower to higher user > buttons do not get enabled





Control Panel


Resolved Setup > Control Panel > Sales Screen > Room Charge account button staying inactive.

974 B 5.0.0 Manager Sales 5.0.4 Resolved Course Redemption sales not showing staff in sales screen
936 B 5.0.0 scheduler Item Filters 5.0.4 Resolved Enabled items filters not being saved when ticking the feature on.
911 B 5.0.0 Manager Returns 5.0.4 Added labels for email and cell in Client Returns > Invoice
916 B 5.0.0 Manager Cash Up 5.0.4 Resolved in Cash up > Cash up audit report > no account heading and account names are cut off
564 R 5.0.0 WebServer Client Reports 5.0.4 Added new report – Spend by Item Type for clients