Green Spa Rating

ESP is proud to introduce the Green Spa Rating tool, which has been developed by combining our expertise in Spa Management Software with the innovative leadership of Green Spa Company in the area of green spa business, to assist the wellness industry to save resources and operate sustainably.

As spa guests are beginning to shape their ideas along sustainability frameworks, spa development is less likely to be driven by economic gain alone. Environmental and social needs are also taken into account. While many spas are very conscious of the role they can play towards the true wellness of their guests and the environment, in many cases, they just do not know where to start or how to measure their performance on the road to sustainability.

Green Spa Rating is a unique and first-of-its kind software suite that offers the wellness and spa industries certain key capabilities:

  • identify the core drivers that define the green spa environment.
  • quantify the benefits achieved in each sustainability category, including energy use, water conservation, fair trade, green cosmetics and the green spa kitchen.
  • generate relevant operational data about spa efficiency through proprietary algorithms and document assessment research.
  • access reference information on the impact of using appropriate products such as low flow showerheads, green cleaning materials and skills training to employees.

Due to its credit based interactive structure, the Green Spa Rating tool is clear and easy to understand. Users can quickly identify areas in which they have excelled or where there is room for improvement. It offers a step-by-step process to pinpoint opportunities to reduce environmental impact and so will become an effective dynamic assessment tool.

Just go to, log in and click through the categories to help your spa or salon truly understand just how green it is or could be – you cannot manage what you can’t Measure!